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Empowered Self-Care: Attending to Self in an Interdependent World

Zoom Teleconference

Key Questions: What gets in the way of our ability to care for ourselves? How does our social location and history impact who prioritizes self-care and who prioritizes care for others? How can we move past stories of martyrdom or selfishness to true empowerment? Even before the pandemic moved through our communities, many of us struggled to hold the balance of self-care and care for others. For some of [...]

Dealing with Our Losses with Care

Zoom Teleconference

Key Questions: How do we feel the depth of our grief without drowning in it? How do we offer life preservers of care to those in our lives navigating loss? How can we feel the pain of the world as it changes while also holding hope for what’s possible? What are the mental, emotional, and spiritual frameworks that can allow for the full spectrum of our emotions to be [...]

Critical Awareness and Compassionate Connection: Essential Together for Transformative Change

Zoom Teleconference

Key Questions: What do we mean by “transformative”? What do we mean by “critical awareness”? What is the relationship between critical awareness and empathic, compassionate connection? How does the way we “frame” the world––the most basic and most often unconscious assumptions we hold––shape the strategies we chose and the way we work for social justice? How can holding both critical awareness and a compassionate, non-judgmental world view help us [...]