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Key Questions:

  • How do we feel the depth of our grief without drowning in it?
  • How do we offer life preservers of care to those in our lives navigating loss?
  • How can we feel the pain of the world as it changes while also holding hope for what’s possible?
  • What are the mental, emotional, and spiritual frameworks that can allow for the full spectrum of our emotions to be expressed and integrated?
  • How can we make meaning of our losses (the Sixth Stage of Grief) in a way that includes both what matters to us personally, and what is needed to move us toward a more just and loving world?

In these times, we are all suffering many losses. Some of them are very personal and affect only the closest circle of what is “ours”. But other losses that impact us relate to larger circles of our communities, even losses to those we don’t share identities with. We will hold a process for naming our heartbreaks and the helplessness, rage, and despair that walk hand in hand with our grief. We will move slowly and intentionally to hold one another with care in this most challenging human experience.

Lead Facilitators: Alicia Garcia, Kristin Masters