Living Critical Social Change with Nonviolent Communication

“Peace requires everyone to be in the circle” – Isabel Allende

Residential retreat suspended. See our alternatives.

… the realization of the world you long for.

Do you dream of a future that holds care for all life?  Are you committed to the cultivation of true, lasting peace?  Where do you see yourself in this vision?  What gifts do you have to offer towards the creation of this future?  What do you need to walk the path?

Drawing on the tools and consciousness of Nonviolent Communication, following in the tradition of Nonviolence as modeled by Mahatma Gandhi and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and taking inspiration from Dr. King’s vision of Beloved Community, the Nonviolent Leadership for Social Justice Intensive offers an intensive immersion into the heart of nonviolence and social transformation, calling together a community of committed practitioners working to manifest a nonviolent future.

… the skills, knowledge, and capacities to live your values and carry your vision forward.

At the NLSJ Intensive, we train ourselves in the skills of nonviolent action, expanding our capacity to move powerfully in the world, caring for what matters most and transforming those systems that perpetuate injustice and violence. We learn new frames to understand the causes of harm, and practices to transform them and heal their impact. We develop awareness around our habitual responses to injustice – from the internal, to the interpersonal and institutional/systemic levels – and work to free ourselves from the constrained choices, judgmental narratives, and divisive behaviors we have learned through generations of trauma and patriarchal conditioning.

… to the process.

This is not easy work, and not everyone is ready or willing to do it.  It requires an abiding orientation towards self-reflection, an openness to engaging with feedback, and the courage to move toward healing.  It needs the support of a principled, courageous commitment to nonviolence, and it will initiate the transformation of everything internalized within us that remains attached to judgment, violence, and the withholding of love.

… with a community of people passionately engaged with ending injustice through nonviolent action and fiercely committed to weaving a container of love strong enough to hold all of humanity.

Together, we will compost wounding into wisdom, anger into passion, fear into courageous vulnerability, hatred into compassion, and violence into love. Our circle will be a chrysalis for change, a nest woven for healing, a crucible for transformation, and the next step on our journey into Beloved Community.

The NVC and Diversity’s unique environment helps me deal with race by giving me tools that go far beyond my familiar responses of silence, rage or pain.
Gwen W.
The integration of the principles of non-violent communication in the hard work of confronting racism and classism allows for people to be honest, uncover biases and roadblocks, and keeps folks accountable to one another and their own principles, all in a spirit of love and forgiveness.
Mandie C.
Things I have gotten at this retreat: a broader perspective, courage, community, real listening, self-compassion, compassion for others, hope, and friendship.
Kar Fraser
…it has allowed me to develop much more genuine relationships with the same co-workers, and with other people, and my life is so much richer for it.
Julie Rogers